JPEG Cruncher no longer available

Old product, no longer exist.

Disregards old information.


Get smaller fast!
Optimize your JPEGs and GIFs to shrink file size, make your web site faster, save disk space, and generally relieve an overcrowded world.
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Optimize while you convert!
Optiverter is a scriptable command-line utility for Microsoft WINDOWS 95/98/NT capable of high-speed conversion to and from over 50 image formats. It provides batch optimization and conversion to JPEG and other formats for use on the web, and is designed for organizations with large quantities of graphics. Other features include:
On-the-fly cropping and re-sizing
Automated thumbnail generation
Digital photo optimization
Smallest file sizes in the industry

Optiverter is only $149, and you can download a free 15-day trial.
Crunch directly from your own web site!
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